Transforming Staff And Visitors Meeting Rooms Check In Journey With RFID/NFC Technology

Staff and visitors benefit from the speed, security and efficiency when booking a room on the Concierge ACMG10-A panel with RFID/NFC enabled technology.

The Concierge ACMG10-A panel has inbuilt RFID and NFC technology and requires no add-on module, users can swipe their company RFID or NFC badge at the display to take the empty room immediately. The ad-hoc meeting will be assigned to the card user’s name.

The panel is inoperable until the correct ID card is swiped, then the user can access the booking features and Concierge interface. Inbuilt RFID and NFC function for ID authentication and attendance tracking ensures a safe and secure workplace for staff and visitors.

RFID and NFC are globally recognised wireless and contactless communication technologies. RFID means radio frequency identification, NFC stands for near field communication. Both employ radio signals for all sorts of tagging and tracking purposes, sometimes replacing barcodes.

Meetings in the busiest of workplaces can be tracked and managed with RFID/NFC technology. 

Users benefits from:

  • Authenticating access requests – enhances room management efficiency, offering end-clients the piece of mind, by offering touch-enabled authentication of IDs such as staff badges or authorized guest passes.
  • Instant on-site booking – increases operation efficiency by eliminating time consuming typing and submitting via website, instead allowing meeting to be booked directly from the panel in person.
  • When you book the room the panel will pick up the identity and assign the meeting booking information on the panel to the card holder.
  • Data reports available for improved room management – ad-hoc booking statistics by room and/or organiser.

Using this technology provides an extra layer of security to ensure robust authentication management.