Here’s what you need to know about the powerful Concierge Companion

Companion software is a cloud-based support, reporting and analytics tool. Concierge Companion is the brains behind Concierge. It is an additional component of the Concierge room booking displays solution and is provided free of charge for the first 12 months. Companion makes it easier for you to track and better use your rooms, which improves […]

Meeting Room Data Provides Important ROI

“Insights available with the Concierge system help end users make the right decisions regarding investments in technology and facilities… It can also highlight the immense value and ROI that effective AV systems bring to businesses” – Karen Eastmure, APAC Marketing Director, Midwich, in this month’s InAVate article At Concierge HQ, we realise that data can be […]

Transforming Staff And Visitors Meeting Rooms Check In Journey With RFID/NFC Technology

Staff and visitors benefit from the speed, security and efficiency when booking a room on the Concierge ACMG10-A panel with RFID/NFC enabled technology. The Concierge ACMG10-A panel has inbuilt RFID and NFC technology and requires no add-on module, users can swipe their company RFID or NFC badge at the display to take the empty room immediately. […]

Concierge and NFS work together to develop powerful resource scheduling capabilities

Concierge and NFS Group have partnered up for an integrated solution. The joint solution provides customers with seamless meeting room experiences. The NFS Group’s application, Rendevous, is a connector with the Concierge Displays panel. The combined solution provides key booking and room status information together with innovative room availability indicators. It’s also designed for bi-directional integration, […]

Why you should not use an iPad for Room Booking

Concierge Displays room booking panels are more functional and reliable than adapting a consumer tablet and a Room Booking software application. FUNCTIONALITY:  Our panels are built to function as robust native room booking devices.  iPads or tablets are not purpose built devices for room booking. Common issues arise when using the device that are not […]

New QR Code Feature – Contactless Control

We’ve done the hard work so it’s easy for you to have a contactless meeting room booking experience. Concierge Displays’ touchless solution will help minimise the transmission of covid-19, which could spread through the touching of contaminated screens. With QR codes proving their worth in a touch-free world, our new feature will help you adjust […]

Why you need a Meeting Room Display

Meeting Room Display

Meeting room displays are a valuable asset to every organisation. According to Verizon Conferencing the average employee sits through 60 meetings each month, therefore it is vital to have an efficient room booking system to maintain productivity. Staff and floor spaces are the most valuable but costly aspect of any business. So it’s important to ensure […]