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Concierge Companion is a complementary component of the Concierge room-booking displays solution.

In addition to several convenience functions such as site-wide health monitoring, configuration consistency checks and graphics package hosting, Companion also includes a powerful reporting engine.

Be confident your meeting rooms are always being used fairly and efficiently by picking a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly report and compare:

  • Occupancy and utilisation statistics by room and/or organiser.
  • Ad-hoc booking statistics by room and/or organiser (meetings booked directly from the panel in-person).
  • Unconfirmed booking statistics by room and/or organiser (meetings that were booked but were not confirmed in person, revealing room underutilisation).

All of this is augmented by Companion’s ability to distribute clean & summarised failure reports when a panel or group of panels fails to check-in or a change in environment means incorrect or outdated room booking information may be on display and causing confusion.

Concierge Companion is provided free of charge for the first 12 month. Extended service can be purchase from a Concierge authorised reseller.

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