The Concierge Media Player gives you flexibility with display sizes

Locked in with the Concierge Displays room booking software, the Media Player, ACMGMP, is used when you want a screen larger than the Concierge 15″ Display for receptions areas and lift wells.

The versatile Concierge Media Player gives you the flexibility to have meeting room booking capabilities on your own third party LCD. Have the ability to view the schedules of multiple rooms in summary mode.

Used in conjunction with larger display screen sizes such as 30″ or 50″, the software on the Media Players allows the display the same user interaction as the Concierge panels. If your display is Touch enabled you will have the flexibility to book ad-hoc meetings from the screen.

Concierge easily connects via HDMI cords to all leading display brands, such as Samsung, Philips and Panasonic.