Get back to the office safely with Concierge

Concierge contactless control features and new occupancy sensor device* are essential office technology for staff wellbeing and productivity.

Make returning to the office a convenient and safe experience with Concierge. Room booking panels provide a unique opportunity to keep your staff and visitors safe through technology.

With QR codes proving their worth in a touch-free world, our feature will help you adjust to the new contactless and productive workplace environment. Concierge’s QR code feature ensures contactless control to help minimise the transmission of Covid-19, which could spread through the touching of contaminated surfaces. The feature allows you to mirror the meeting room display on your smartphone.


Concierge’s new Occupancy sensors (coming soon) will be vital to monitoring business health and wellbeing during the pandemic. Managers can utilse the sensors to ensure that meeting rooms are never over crowded. When the room is at full capacity the room booking display will trigger an alert for the health and safety of staff and visitors.

Concierge Companion is an additional component of the Concierge room booking displays solution. Companion offers a powerful reporting engine, configuration consistency checks and more. Companion makes it easier for you to track and better use your rooms, which improves your team’s productivity. Know which rooms are being most effectively to inform decisions about your room management.


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* Occupancy sensor device coming soon.

Concierge and Midwich APAC are keen to get back to business by helping Australia get back into the office safely.

Join the friendly Midwich NSW team at 2pm March 18, 2021 in their large, clean, airy showroom to see the latest Concierge Displays technology, such as our contactless meeting room solutions.

To celebrate the guys are also giving you the chance to win lucky door prizes.

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