Concierge 10.1″ Display – ACMG10

 The Concierge 10.1” Display provides a snapshot of the room activity for the day.

It uses a simple green and red display to instantly notify whether the room is available or in use. There are side LEDs so the room availability can be seen from down the hallway.

  • The Concierge Display’s are compatible with all major calendars.
  • Hardened glass touch-screen
  • 10” HD resolution (1280 x 800)
  • Side LED indicators
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity
  • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Easy to use web-based interface
  • Room features displayed on screen (projector, video conferencing, etc)
  • Report room features error through display (projector malfunction)


Board Room Features

Concierge 10.1” Display Mounting Options

Surface Mount

Supplied with display 75 x 75 VESA mount.

Surface Mount

10.1″ Flush Wall Mount – ACMGFM10

In-wall box with articulating bracket.

Black or white finishing.

10.1″ Window Mount – ACMGWM10 (available in 40mm or 10mm to suite different window frames)

Installed to an aluminium window frame with rear panel and cable management.

Concierge Display Media Player – ACMGMP

BYOD Display: The Concierge Display Media Player has all the  same functionality as the Concierge Display’s, however, it has been designed to be connected to any display with an HDMI input. To book immediately from the display or report a room feature error, the display will need to be a touchscreen.
Summary Display Media Player

Summary Display Media Player – ACMGSD

The summary display completes the picture for larger facilities. It summaries all upcoming bookings in all meeting room. It can be connected to any display with a HDMI Input and the display can be mounted on portrait or landscape. Key features:
  • Summarise all meeting room availability onto one display
  • Choose any size display
  • Display can be mounted in portrait or landscape
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Multiple sliding pages or a single page to suit the number of rooms displayed
  • Book a room immediately (touch screen required)