Connect your panel with Office 365 in 5 easy steps

Connect Office 365 in 5 steps

Adding a Calendar resource into the Concierge system couldn’t be easier. It is a key task that you will master soon after first boot-up. We connect with all major calendars, Microsoft based accounts, Google based accounts, Syllabus Plus and the NFS Group. The steps vary depending on whether you are using Microsoft or Google-based accounts. 

Today we’re diving into how we connect with Office 365. Our intuitive configuration menu makes it simple to quickly set up your panel in 5 steps on it’s admin website.

To begin adding a resource, navigate to the panel’s Configuration menu (on it’s own admin website) and scroll down the to Booking resources section. When using Microsoft Office365 or in-house Exchange accounts please complete the Booking resources section as follows:

  1. Enter a Title for the resource (eg. “Meeting Room 1”).
  2. Set the Connector type to “EWS ” (Exchange Web Services) using the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the Connector address . When using Office365, you simply select the prefilled address option. If using an in-house Exchange server, you will need to use a custom Connector address. Please consult your IT administrator for this information.
  4. Enter the Connector username & Connector password . These should be the same credentials used to access the mailbox or resource calendars, or to gain access to any Outlook Web portals.

Optional step – Enter the Connector resource address. Commonly “bookable” resources at your company should have associated accounts set up in Microsoft Exchange (consult your IT department if you are unsure about this). For such resources, the Connector resource address will be used. This field should contain an SMTP address ([email protected]).

NOTE: Ideally, Connector resource address should be a resource account and not a user account, to avoid possible issues with double booking.

        5. Save the configuration using the Save button at the bottom of the admin website.

Concierge also allows for connecting Microsoft calendar with Microsoft identity. Learn more in our User guide on our Downloads page.