Welcome to 2021 and the new workplace environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the workplace with remote working becoming the norm for many of us. Predicting how companies will be using their office space this year is challenging. Our best guess is most companies will not ditch their office completely, but rather rethink the use of their office space.

In a recent study at research firm Forrester* suggests that although one in five workers will continue working remotely permanently, the majority of employees will still be coming into the office, even not if everyday. The traditional office will not disappear, it will continue to act as the collaborative hub for the company. A place where you can bounce ideas off and get into the nitty gritty of projects which is usually a tiresome task over Zoom or wordy emails.

After almost a year of remote working, companies returning back to the office will want to maximise their underutilised space and work on better designs to efficiently use the space. Along with better utilisation of space, companies will better prioritise the health and safety of the staff. Creating spaces with a sense of physical distance and improved sanitation.

IoT technologies will be at the forefront office technologies to adjust the office environment throughout the day to support employee productivity and wellbeing. This year Concierge will be releasing exciting developments in the Room Booking IoT space to better aid staff productivity.