Here’s what you need to know about the powerful Concierge Companion

Companion software is a cloud-based support, reporting and analytics tool.

Concierge Companion is the brains behind Concierge. It is an additional component of the Concierge room booking displays solution and is provided free of charge for the first 12 months. Companion makes it easier for you to track and better use your rooms, which improves your team’s productivity. Companion completes your room booking management solution by providing several convenient functions.

The Companion website is accessible on any device that has an internet connection, conveniently access it on your smartphone, laptop or desktop.


Companion benefits include:

Site-wide health monitoring

View your entire fleet of panels at easy with a central viewing of all displays monitors.

A powerful reporting engine
Be confident your meeting rooms are always being used fairly and efficiently by accessing daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly reports that compare room and organiser.

  • Occupancy and utilisation statistics
    Ad-hoc booking statistics, meetings booked directly from the panel in-person.
  • Unconfirmed booking statistics (meetings that were booked but were not confirmed in person, revealing room underutilisation).
  • Configuration consistancy checks
    All of this is augmented by Companion’s ability to distribute clean & summarised failure reports when a panel or group of panels fails to check-in or a change in environment means incorrect or outdated room booking information may be on display and causing confusion.

Graphics package hosting

This includes places to store logos, skins, and videos for the display.

Bulk configuration
The software also includes a bulk configuration tool, where you have the ability to manage large amounts of concierge panels in one easy upload function.

QR code feature
The Companion and Warranty package includes the QR code feature. Our new feature allows you to mirror the meeting room display on your smartphone for frictionless workflow. The easy to use feature requires no app or server configuration, is completely browser-based and secure.

Purchase extended Companion support through our authorised reseller, find your local provider.

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