Why you need a Meeting Room Display

Meeting room displays are a valuable asset to every organisation.

According to Verizon Conferencing the average employee sits through 60 meetings each month, therefore it is vital to have an efficient room booking system to maintain productivity. Staff and floor spaces are the most valuable but costly aspect of any business. So it’s important to ensure effective use of your staff’s time and your space. Inefficient use of meeting spaces is an expensive waste of resources. Integrating meeting room devices is essential for any workplace. 


Make room scheduling easier

Meeting displays makes it easier to streamline your room scheduling, so staff and visitors can clearly see available time slots and book a room. The displays are simple to use with intuitive functions such as book now, book future, report room feature fault and more. The automated calendar helps internal communication and room administration. From small offices to large scale multinationals, meeting room displays solutions dramatically help your office run more efficiently.


Save time with automation

Improve your meeting room utilisation and avoid the hassle of paper signs claiming a room is booked for a meeting. No more back and forth checking your calendar if the room is booked or not. Simply see the schedule reflected on the digital display. Avoid abandoned ghost meetings, when a meeting is booked and nobody check-ins in, the room will be automatically released and become available for the next person wanting to use it.


Reduce staff conflict

Without a display, someone may look for a room for their ad-hoc meeting and start to occupy a room to later realise it was already booked. This common situation often leads to conflict and frustration. A meeting room display will lead to fewer instances of an interrupted meeting that could cause tension among the team. A meeting room display will make sure your staff and visitors are managing their schedules cohesively.



Evaluate how you are using your space

The back-end analytics behind room booking displays, such as Concierge Companion, provides sophisticated room usage reports and analytics. Monitor your fleet remotely and understand which rooms or spaces are being used most or least. This helps you workout ways to improve your spaces. Is one room being used a lot more as it has a larger LCD screen or a higher quality microphone? Have the ability to also find out who is booking rooms and not checking in and more. This information will improve your whole team’s productivity levels.


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