Why you should not use an iPad for Room Booking

Concierge Displays room booking panels are more functional and reliable than adapting a consumer tablet and a Room Booking software application.


  • Our panels are built to function as robust native room booking devices.  iPads or tablets are not purpose built devices for room booking.
  • Common issues arise when using the device that are not built specifically for room booking. People often get stuck between the manufacturer’s update and the application update. Such as the iPad needing an Apple iOS operating system update and that interferes with the software application.

Key Concierge room booking features:

  • Side LED lights so you are able to easily see the status of the room at a glance –  iPads and tablets do not have this feature. 
  • Built in NFC and RFID card readers for authentication management. Currently these readers are not inbuilt for iPads or off the shelf tablets and may require additional third party accessories for these functions.
  • IPads or other tablets rely on unreliable Wi-Fi to function.
  • Concierge panels have the option for Wi-Fi and a robust Ethernet connection. The Ethernet connectivity is a much more powerful and reliable option.


  • You will need additional software application and software to monitor updates (such as the regular operating system upgrades) and to monitor any issues. Pricing is unknown for the applications and software, but it is an additional expense to the device.
  • Concierge displays room booking software and physical device cost are all inclusive. Our solution requires no additional software, just set up the device with your existing calendar software and book away!


  • IPads or tablets are also more expensive overall than purchasing a Concierge panel. Along with the initial price of the iPads or tablets and the room booking software application, the devices also requires wall mounts, security fastening, additional cabling, such as a PoE adapter and battery recharging. Once you add all the parts together it becomes an expensive set up.
  • Concierge pricing is competitive with all leading room booking devices in the market. Visit our Buy page to find your local distributor or reseller for accurate pricing information. Our device comes with a PoE port and we offer affordable wall mounting accessories. Simply connect your PoE enabled ethernet cable into the LAN port on your Concierge device and your done.


  • Concierge takes customer data privacy seriously. We have infrastructure in place to protect your network.
  • iPads and tablets are typically unsecured and anyone with basic IT knowledge can access the device’s network. iPads are also prone to theft, so they require a sturdy and often expensive wall mount to protect them.


  • Concierge Displays can help you through any hardware or software issue. We have a dedicated team ready to assist and a virtual helpdesk.
  • It is a lot more complicated to receive support when you use an iPad or tablet and a third party software application. You may have to independently navigate hardware issues through the device manufacturer (such as Apple) and software issues through either the manufacturer again or the software application developers as well