ACMGMP2 – Media Player

Our new 4k Media Player is the solution for when you are looking for meeting room management capabilities for your own touch display.

If your display is Touch Enabled, it also allows for the same user interaction as our Concierge panels.

The media player is locked with the Concierge software and can be easily integrated in conjunction with third party displays. 

Ideal for when you want to use a bigger screen, our Media Player can be easily used with your own display (and it’s POE ready). 

Key Features

High quality viewing

Enjoy high resolution meeting room booking with your display. Have the ability to display full calendar information booking on your own screen.

Customisable screens

With our media player, your screen will have the ability to display the full calendar – daily, weekly or monthly booking information. Adjust the screen skins, text and logo. You can also add in videos onto the displays. 

Easy to use

With your screen book rooms immediately or for a future date or time, have the ability to extend or finish your booking early. Your AV room features are also displayed on screen and report room feature errors through the display.

Room booking and summary modes

Our media player is customised to conveniently function in two modes, the Room Booking mode displaying one meeting room’s availability and the Summary mode summarising multiple meeting rooms availability.

Simple to integrate and setup

Our media player can be easily integrated into your space and your display screen with its power supply LAN, wireless capabilities and HDMI input.

Get the most out of your room analytics

Use our complimentary program to track and monitor your meeting room management and utilisation. See more about our program,, Companion.

Seamless Customisation

Easily adjust your display to suit your working environment and branding. Adjust the logo, text, font and colour yourself or download one of our pre-made skin designs. Have the ability to add videos onto the display.

Room Booking Mode

Display green screen 10 inch
Display red screen 10 inch

Summary Booking Mode

Summary Screen Shot ALL DISPLAYS


Compatibility Logos

Product Specifications

Media Player – ACMGMP2

  • Concierge 2nd Gen Media Player
  • 3940 x 2160 resolution
  • POE or included PSU
  • LAN and wireless
  • USB port for touchscreen
  • HDMI out
  • Dimensions: Size: 5.45”  x 5.04” x 1.19”, weight: 334.2 grams
  • Compatible with Syllabus Plus, Exchange, G Suite and Office 365
  • Available in stand-alone mode 
  • Web-based configuration and monitoring directly on display or via Concierge Companion
  • Adjustable skins, text and logo
  • Available in Arabic, German, French, Dutch, simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • To book immediately from the display or report a room feature error, the display will need to be a touchscreen.


Email here to request a product demonstration. View our manuals and faqs here.