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Concierge Firmware Updates

  Concierge’s Updating Firmware Guide (39EN)

Releases apply to all Concierge touch panels and media players.

Latest firmware version: Concierge-fwupdate-v3.27-fw1575

Previous firmware:

Revision History

v3.27-fw1575 – May, 2021: Supports new ACMG22 model and QR code support in Summary skin.

v3.27-fw1571 – April, 2021: NFS Connector update

v3.27-fw1568 – March, 2021: Microsoft Connector update.

v3.27-fw1566 – December, 2020: QR code, Microsoft authentication update.

v3.16-fw1262 – March, 2020: Bug fixed.

v3.12-fw1262 – December 20th, 2019: Bugs fixed.

r1262 – December 3rd, 2019: Updater support for batch 0 releases: time-server feedback with ACMG10-A

r1255 – October 22nd, 2019: Bug fixed for text overlapping buttons on summary display.

r1222 – May 23rd, 2019: Bug fixed for coming back online after network disconnected.

v3.26-fw1562 – November, 2020: QR code, Microsoft Authentication update and Cert updates.