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Concierge Firmware Updates

Concierge’s Updating Firmware Guide (39b-EN)

Releases apply to all Concierge touch panels and media players.

Latest firmware

Revision History

v3.35-fw1677 – Nov 2023:

  • Support for ACMGMP2
  • Microsoft/Azure bugfix: All-Day bookings can show improperly
  • EWS update: now allows blank DOMAIN in DOMAIN\user when invoking NTLM and short domain name is not known (on-prem)
  • Bugfix: EWIS pages fail to show

v3.32-fw1664 – June, 2023:

  • Improve: Rare inconsistency in cache can affect Azure connector; extra feedback added

v3.32-fw1663 – May, 2023:

  • Bugfix: Some models excluded from direct HTTP update method

v3.31-fw1661 – April, 2023:

  • Bugfix: Upcoming information can linger in summary mode
  • Bugfix: Error on missing ‘….Recipient.emailAddress’
  • Bugfix: Auto-cancellation occurs when setting is mispelt
  • Improve: Update minimum base firmware
  • Improve: Update to firmware update mechanism (use chunked streaming)

v3.31-fw1656 – November, 2022:

  • Azure connector fix: network disruptions can cause connector to fail permanently
  • Microsoft connector update: useability improvements
  • updater: support for ACMG1000 model
  • updater: firmware distribution improvements

v3.29-fw1650 – October, 2022:

  • fix: Updater can sometimes fail when app not running
  • fix: Handling comments within bulk config import

v3.29-fw1648 – October, 2022:

  • updated Microsoft application details
  • throttling for connector query rate in Advanced

v3.29-fw1644 – October, 2022:

  • Azure connector added to complement existing Microsoft connector for Azure application pre-registration instead of Office365 user authentication.

v3.29-fw1641 – September, 2022:

  • Google Connector: OAuth2 method updated (OOB retirement) for new authorisations
  • Optional Admin website reflection for Companion

v3.29-fw1639 – August, 2022:

  • fix: shows recurring events of default calendar (Microsoft Connector)

v3.29-fw1638 – July, 2022:

  • supports to import bulk config

v3.29-fw1637 – June, 2022:

  • supports Meet Now (Microsoft Connector) via optional “Online Conference” config flag
  • refined error messages for Microsoft OAuth
  • updater improvements for mass updates

v3.27-fw1632 – March, 2022:

  • fix: use email instead unless displayName is present (google calendar)
  • add basic configuration on installation mode

v3.27-fw1627 – February, 2022:

  • additions for Android 9 compatibility

v3.27-fw1623 – December, 2021:

  • disable scheduled reboot (affects early panels)

v3.27-fw1622 – December, 2021:

  • fix: unused parts of skin not flushed
  • add more error counters

v3.27-fw1619 – November, 2021:

  • fix: free-text field can cause sticky navbar
  • auto power off on weekends
  • built-in updater support
  • SQL connector updates

v3.27-fw1575 – May, 2021: 

  • Supports new ACMG22 model and QR code support in Summary skin.

v3.27-fw1571 – April, 2021: 

  • NFS Connector update

v3.27-fw1568 – March, 2021: 

  • Microsoft Connector update.

v3.27-fw1566 – December, 2020: 

  • QR code, Microsoft authentication update.

v3.26-fw1562 – November, 2020: 

  • QR code, Microsoft Authentication update and Cert updates.

v3.16-fw1262 – March, 2020: 

  • Bug fixed.

v3.12-fw1262 – December 20th, 2019: 

  • Bugs fixed.

r1262 – December 3rd, 2019: 

  • Updater support for batch 0 releases: time-server feedback with ACMG10-A

r1255 – October 22nd, 2019: 

  • Bug fixed for text overlapping buttons on summary display.

r1222 – May 23rd, 2019: 

  • Bug fixed for coming back online after network disconnected.