New QR Code Feature – Contactless Control

We've done the hard work so it's easy for you to have a contactless meeting room booking experience.

Concierge Displays’ touchless solution will help minimise the transmission of covid-19, which could spread through the touching of contaminated screens. With QR codes proving their worth in a touch-free world, our new feature will help you adjust to the new contactless and productive workplace environment.

Our new feature allows you to mirror the meeting room display on your smartphone for frictionless workflow. The easy to use feature requires no app or server configuration, is completely browser-based and secure. Use this feature on your phone’s Wi-Fi or mobile 4G network. The IT friendly feature is designed with maximum network interoperability in mind (corporate and personal).

Available on all our devices, the new feature is included in the Companion & Warranty package. If you already have the Companion package, all you need to do is update the firmware on your device to enable this feature. Contact us for the latest firmware version. Our instructions to turn on and use the feature are in our User Guide.

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How the QR Code works

1. Simply use your smart phone’s camera to capture the disposable QR code. Point the camera at the QR code to be scanned.

2. Click on the URL pop up to view and book the room’s display.

3. Enjoy all the features available on the physical display. Such as booking now, future, cancelling a booking and more.