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Our new QR code feature enables you to have a contactless meeting room experience and a safe workplace environment.
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Make your meetings run smoother with Concierge Displays innovative and flexible room booking displays solutions.

Our displays are easy to use and integrate into existing calendars. We are improving the productivity of thousands of meeting room management systems globally.

Our Products

Take a look at our innovative products below.

ACMG10 - 10" Room Display

Our most popular display, impress staff and visitors with the 10" panel in front of your meeting room.

ACMG15 - 15" Booking Display

Our larger touch screen display size makes viewing your room booking information easier.

ACMG1000 - 10” NFC/RFID Booking Display

Provides a snapshot of the room activity for the day with NFC/RFID technology.

ACMGMP2 - Media Player

Our solution for when you need meeting room management capabilities for your own touch display.

Where To Buy

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Our Customers

Driving room booking technology for leading brands


We are compatible with the following Calendar / Timetabling Systems
Compatibility Logos
Works with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms.