Concierge and NFS work together to develop powerful resource scheduling capabilities

Concierge and NFS Group have partnered up for an integrated solution. The joint solution provides customers with seamless meeting room experiences.

The NFS Group’s application, Rendevous, is a connector with the Concierge Displays panel.Β The combined solution provides key booking and room status information together with innovative room availability indicators. It’s also designed for bi-directional integration, the Rendezvous App also synchronizes interactions initiated from the panel (such as smart booking, check in/out and no-show tracking) back to Renezdous.Β 

The solutions combined offers customers a complete solution for perfect meetings. From scheduling to in room control as well as a range of great Concierge touch-screen features.

For AV integrators, the complete solution includes the booking of services like catering, as well as Outlook integration. Providing the opportunity for enhanced revenues and a differentiated solution and better customer retention.

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