Auckland Transport

The team in the Auckland Transport office had a lot of underutilized meeting room space as a result of an inefficient meeting room scheduling system. Staff were struggling to find appropriate meeting space as they had problems with room bookings not being canceled and consequently wasting a lot of space.

Concierge Displays solutions found the solution to streamline the Auckland Transport office room booking and better manage its meeting room resources, which dramatically improved staff productivity. 

New Zealand technologies company, ProVision Technologies, integrated 63 Concierge Displays ACMG10 room booking panels into the office. The installation was quick and easy as each panel took approximately one hour to instal from the unboxing to fixing the glass mount kit and configuring the room account settings.The Concierge Displays team also travelled to the Auckland Transport offices in New Zealand to assist with the pilot and ensure its success. 

The Auckland transport office staff have been very satisfied with the solution and use it on a daily basis to better manage meeting room resources. 

About Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport is responsible for Auckland’s transport services, from roads and footpaths, cycling parking and public transport.

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Regardless of the size of the client - small company or large multinational - we’d be confident that they can easily implement the Concierge Displays system, no matter what infrastructure they have.