Learning and Teaching Building, Monash University

Concierge Displays have taken room booking to the next level at Monash University’s new Learning and Teaching Building, a world class education hub located in the university’s Clayton campus in Melbourne.

The state of the art audio visual systems includes over 130 meeting, faculty and lecture rooms implemented with the Concierge Displays ACMG10  system. With both Syllabus Plus timetabling software and Google Calendar compatibility on our Displays, staff and students are able to easily schedule bookings of these rooms. 

Concierge Companion, the cloud-based analytics and reporting tool, is vital for Monash University to manage and track the Displays. As the Audio and Visual team is about a 20 minute walk from the Learning and Teaching building, the remote access of Companion staff makes it easy for staff to connect directly to the configuration screen of each device. So if there is an issue you can see what’s on the screen live from the other side of campus.

Monash University are continuing the implementation of Concierge Displays throughout other buildings on the campus, there are now currently over 400 Displays integrated campus wide.

About Monash University:

Monash University is one of Australia’s leading universities and ranks among the world’s top 100. We help change lives through research and education.


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Concierge had the agility to meet the key requirements of integration with Syllabus Plus. some of the other competitors we reviewed couldn’t offer that guarantee in that timeline, whereas Concierge was confident they could, and they did.