Meeting Room Data Provides Important ROI

At Concierge HQ, we realise that data can be more important than the display and this has been the driving factor in product development. Monitoring the floor space and making sure facilities are being used is becoming more and more important and then you can use analytics, tables and graphs which allow you to review the data and glean insight. Read about our real-world example of Concierge Companion data translating to direct benefits for the end user in this month’s InAVate APAC.

Concierge Displays is an innovative and flexible display-panel solution for meeting room information and bookings that helps maximise the productivity of on-premises resources. To many, Concierge seems like a standard run-of-the-mill room booking and scheduling solution but what goes on under the hood sets it apart. The core product is a display that goes on the front of the room to indicate whether it is occupied as well as what is happening in the room on that day but on the back end, it is primarily an analytics tool. It can monitor who is coming into the space, how long it is booked for, whether the meeting was attended and if not, it will cancel the meeting on their behalf.

Companion Screen

Our Concierge Companion data analysis helped a Melbourne company arrive at an economical solution that better suited its business needs, which were quite different to their perceived requirements. Concierge was deployed at a corporate facility in Melbourne with multiple meeting spaces and facilities. 

The end user was considering increasing the number of meeting rooms because the feedback from employees was they couldn’t get bookings. Before committing to expanding the space, which would have cost an increase of AUD 60,000 per year in rent, the end user decided to look at the data to better understand the meeting space usage.

The data showed only a small selection of rooms was actually being used 95% of the time while the rest of the meeting spaces were being used 40% of the time. The data also clearly showed the most popular rooms were the larger 8-person or 16-person meeting rooms with full AV packages. Smaller meeting rooms were less popular.

“Concierge is one of the most relevant offerings in our product portfolio when it comes to gathering data in the context of AV deployment and the proceeding functions and analysis required to make that data actionable,” says Karen Eastmure.

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